4-12 JANUARY 2020
9-12 APRIL 2020
19-21 NOVEMBER 2021

Child sexual abuse is the most difficult to detect and often remains hidden. We can imagine the seriousness of sexual abuse in a society like Turkey, where even talking about the concept of sexuality is suppressed. The movement was started with the view that the entire society should be educated on this issue in order to prevent child sexual abuse in Turkey; we aimed to build awareness and conscience in the society to protect children from sexual abuse.

The #birşeysöyleyin to #karanlığıarala, which is the first major movement in Turkey created to prevent child sexual abuse, has created a strong common conscience and has spread to different segments of the society. Many activities were carried out between the dates of the movement in order to spread the movement and build awareness to prevent Child Sexual Abuse:

Official poster sharing
Sharing of social media content
Attaching the blue ribbon
Distribution of movement brochures
Educational studies
Bike/car tours

Together We Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse