Participant Requirements

*Language of Instruction


Scholarship Quota

Scholarship Conditions

Total Hours

Number of Workshops

Basic Level Certificate Program

Psychologists and graduate education, psychological counselors and graduate education, social workers, NGO workers, members of different professions, anyone who want to understand trauma.

Turkish and English*

70 participants

Scholarship participants will not be accepted.


33 Hours

10 BL + 1 CL

Clinical Level Certificate Program

Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, specialist psychological counselors, psychiatric nurses, psychotherapists, MA/MSc students.

Turkish and English*

45 participants

10 participants

Priority is given to applicants who work actively in rural areas and within NGO.

42 Hours + 12 Hours SV

12 Cl +
2 BL

International Workshops **

Open to anyone, including English-speaking international employees who work and want to work in the field of trauma.


No Quota

Scholarship participants will not be accepted.


12 Hours

1 BL +

3 CL

CL: Clinical Level.  BL: Basic Level

*Simultaneous interpretation option will be offered in English-medium courses.

**A certificate of attendance stating the time attended in the IInternational Workshops is given.