Level/Module Participant Requirements *Language of Education Quota Scholarship Quota Scholarship Requirements Total Hours Total Number of Workshops Price of a Workshop **Certificate Price / Attending all workshops

Basic Level Certificate Program

Psychologists and graduate education, psychological counselors and graduate education, social workers, NGO workers…

Turkish & English* 70 participants Scholarship participants will not be accepted.  — 42 hours 11 BL+ 3 CL 450 TL 5200 TL

Clinical Level Certificate Program

Specialist clinical psychologists, specialist psychological counselors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatry assistants (at least 2 years), psychiatry nursing graduate…

Turkish & English* 40 + 10 (scholarship)= 60 participants 10 participants

Active NGO workers/rural area workers will have priority

57 hours 17 CL+ 2 BL 600 TL 10150 TL

International Level Module

The language of instruction will be English, open to native speakers or speakers of English.

English* No Quota. Scholarship participants will not be accepted.  — 15 hours 1 BL+ 4 CL BL: 50 USD CL: 75 USD 350 USD

Social Level Module

Open to participants who work in the field of trauma or are curious about it

Turkish & English* 15 participants Scholarship participants will not be accepted.  — 24 hours 8 BL 450 TL 2800 TL***

CL: Clinical Level

BL: Basic Level

*Simultaneous translation will be provided in English workshops.

**A certificate of attendance stating the time attended will be given in the International and Social Level

***In case of registration for all workshops included in the trauma social level module, each workshop fee is calculated by 350 TL.