February 15, 2022

Introductory MeetingITSCP Team


February 22, 2022

Trauma Understanding and Acceptance / Determination Based Intervention Model

Assoc. Prof. Ceren Acartürk (PhD)




March 1, 2022

Trauma and Trauma Workers’ Well-beingDr. Serap Altekin (PhD)
Ethical Principles and Psychological First Aid in Crisis and Trauma InterventionsDr. Serkan Özgün (PhD)


March 8, 2022

Collective Trauma, Collective Recovery: Building Community Resilience After Disaster
(International Workshop)
Dr. Jack Saul (PhD)


March 15, 2022

Cultural and Collective Memory: Intergenerational Transmission and Resolution of TraumaDr. Çiğdem Yumbul (PhD)


March 22, 2022

Building Peace: Resolving the Cycle of Violence, Grieving and Healing in Collective Traumas


Assoc. Prof. Ayten Zara (PhD)




March 29, 2022

Sexual Abuse Trauma: Causes, Effects

Dr. Hivren Özkol Cop (PhD)


Trauma of Sexual Abuse: Interventions to Prevent Violence and TraumaAssoc. Prof. Ayten Zara (PhD)


April 5, 2022

Forensic Process Management in Traumatic Events and Istanbul Protocol

(Basic & Clinical Level Joint Workshop)

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Oral (MD)


April 12, 2022

Approach to Trauma in Children and AdolescentsProf. Dr. Işık Karakaya (MD)


April 19, 2022

Gender Diversity and Discrimination: Health Effects and Appropriate Approach

(Basic & Clinical Level Joint Workshop)

Assoc. Prof. Koray Başar (MD)


April 26, 2022

Problem Management and More as an Example of Evidence-Based Psychosocial Intervention for Refugees (PM+)Assoc. Prof. Ersin Uygun (MD)




February 15, 2022

Introductory MeetingITSCP Team
February 17, 20221.     The Concept of Mental Trauma from Neurobiology to the Clinic:  History Taking Techniques and Diagnostic Evaluation in TraumaProf. Dr. Ejder Akgün Yıldırım (MD, PhD)
February 24, 20222.     Psychodynamic Approach to TraumaProf. Dr. Cem Kaptanoğlu (MD)
March 3, 20223.    Coping with Dissociative Symptoms when Working with TraumaProf. Dr. Önder Kavakçı (MD)

March 10, 2022


4.  Post Traumatic Control-Focused Behavior Therapy and Its PrinciplesProf. Dr. Tamer Aker (MD)




March 17, 2022

5.    Healing-Attachment-Emotion-Transformation-Focused
Trauma Treatment Model

(International Workshop)

Assoc. Prof. Diana Fosha (PhD)

Dr. Dina Miqdadi (DPsych)

March 24, 20226.    Trauma-Focused Work with the Effects of Traumas on the Family and ChildAssoc. Prof. Ilgın Gökler Danışman (PhD)
March 31, 20227.   Solution-Focused Working in Crises and Acute Trauma SituationsAssoc. Prof. Ayten Zara (PhD)
April 7, 20228.   Forensic Approach to Domestic Violence and Clinical ProcessProf. Dr. Ufuk Sezgin (PhD)
April 14, 20229.  Working with the Trauma of Sexual ViolenceAssoc. Prof. Ayten Zara (PhD)
April 21, 202210.  Working with Natural DisastersAssoc. Prof. Sedat Işıklı (PhD)
April 28, 2022

11.   Working with War, Migration and Traumatic Losses

(International Workshop)

Prof. Dr. Renos Papadepoulos (PhD)
May 12, 2022

12.   Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services

(International Workshop)

Dr. Nancy Baron (PhD)
It will be announced during the term.13. Supervision/Case Discussion 
It will be announced during the term.14. Supervision/Case Discussion 
It will be announced during the term.15. Supervision/Case Discussion 
It will be announced during the term.16. Supervision/Case Discussion 

Note: The workshop that will take place on 19.04.22 is a Basic Level and Clinical Level joint workshop. Participants registered to the Clinical Module are required to attend this workshop as well.