International Trauma Studies Certificate Program


Under the Coordination of World Human Relief with the collaboration of International Trauma Studies Program (New York) and Istanbul Bilgi University Trauma and Disaster Mental Health

World Human Relief (WHR)

Assoc. Prof. Ayten Zara 

International Trauma Studies Program, New York

Dr. Jack Saul 

İstanbul Bilgi University  

Applied Trauma and Disaster Studies Mental Health Master’s Program

Prof. Dr. Tamer Aker 

Message From the Director

Dear Participants,

Turkey’s past and present is a fragile geography full of trauma, constantly producing violence and victimization. There are many trauma victims with uncovered wounds. For us to break the extremes that transmit hatred, hostility, and guilt from one generation to the next, we need strengthening to reconsider defeats and losses, mourn, repair, and heal.

But working with people who have suffered from trauma due to their nature and the effects it creates in different developmental periods requires qualified knowledge and skills. On this occasion, this Certificate Program, which we have created in cooperation with the International Trauma Studies Program which has been operating in New York since 1997, was established with a trauma-sensitive society and trauma experts who can work effectively with trauma.

Another aim of ours is to establish international Trauma Prevention and Rehabilitation Centers to gather social violence prevention, effective trauma programs, and professional resources under one roof.

I believe that the trauma experts, who will be trained by this certificate program, and the centers we establish will have very valuable roles in the basic forces such as recognizing, understanding, and explaining traumatic events/problems, as well as helping heal the wounds of the victims and honoring them.

I am very excited and happy that I will contribute to a fair and peaceful life in both our country and the world.

May our path be bright and peaceful.


Ayten Zara – Program Director



Program Director

Ayten Zara

Program 2nd Director

Jack Saul

Program 3rd Director

Tamer Aker

Program Coordinator

Berna Aygün

Program Assistants

Tuğçe Merve Aytaç

Program Communication Assistants

Ezgi Yıldız & Kübra Dinç

Program Secretary

Beyza Köseoğlu & Ecem Uysal

Program Education Format: It will be held in an online platform supported by Bilgi University

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